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    10 top tips
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    Homeschooling is about L.O.V.E !
    Listen                   L’écoute
    Observe               Observer
    Value                    Valoriser
    Empower            Elever

    Kinder brauchen gelassene Eltern
    Soviel wie möglich selbst machen lassen,
    patzen lassen,
    selbst entscheiden lassen,
    teilhaben lassen…
    (Blickpunkt Erziehung bei Iris van den Hoeven)

    Trust, be curious, explore, google, discover, live, experiment, find your own way, read and talk, talk and read, PLAY games, INVENT games, be creative, open your mind, be present, just dare being different…

To put things into perspective :
Schools closed 
for 3 to 5 month in 2011 (New Zealand) and 2013 (Danemark) after an earthquake and a teachers strike : listen to what happened here mn 15

Pour relativiser :
Ecoles fermées pendant 3 à 5 mois en 2011 (Nouvelle-Zélande) et 2013 (Danemark) après un tremblement de terre et une grève des enseignants : écoutez ce qu’il s’est passé ici minute 15 (sous-titres en français)

Peter Gray in Luxembourg(EN/FR)
Befreit lernen / Free to learn / Libre d’apprendre The Optimal Context for Self-Directed Education
Conditions present in hunter-gatherer bands and SVS, but absent in conventional schools:

1. The social expectation (and reality) that education is children’s responsibility.
2. Unlimited freedom to play, explore, and pursue own interests.
3. Opportunity to play with the tools of the culture.
4. Access to a variety of caring adults, who are helpers, not judges.
5. Free age mixing among children and adolescents.
6. Immersion in a stable, moral, caring community.

Resource list from Jo Symes UK

Books About Home Education
Free to Learn
by Peter Gray
Learning All the Timeby John Holt
Educating your Child at Homeby Jane Lowe & Alan Thomas
Dumbing us Downby John Taylor Gatto
How Children Learn at Home, by Alan Thomas & Harriet Pattison
Project-Based Home Schooling, by Lori Pickert
The Brave Learner: Finding Everyday Magic in Homeschool, Learning and Lifeby Julie Bogart
Unschooled: Raising Curious, Well-Educated Children Outside of the Classroomby Kerry McDonald
Teach Your Own: The John Holt Book of Home Schoolingby John Holt & Pat Farenga
Home Learning Year by Year: How to Design a Homeschool Curriculumby Rebecca Rupp
Schooling at Home: Parents, Kids and Learning, by Anne Pedersen & Peggy O’Mara
Learning Without Schoolby Ross Mountney
Teach Yourself Home Educationby Deborah Durbin
A Home Education Notebook: to encourage and inspireby Ross Mountney
What is Unschooling? By Pam Laricchia
Radical Home Education: Discover Home Education through the true accounts of five families, by Susan Walklate

Useful Home Education Websites – Aims to be the “finest online resource for home educators in the UK” – Information about how children learn with evidence demonstrating how home education is a reasonable, logical and positive response to the challenges of our education system. – A support organisation offering information and resources for home educators. – Provides data analysis of elective home education practice and policy in England and Wales. – Scotland’s National Home Education Support Charity. – The Homeschool Alliance, an online resource for home educators

Unschooling Blogs – Celebrating self-directed lifelong learning– By Pam Laricchia, author and unschooling mom from Canada

Home Schooling Blogs – Blog by Julie Bogart, a homeschooler, writer and entrepreneur. – Parenting, home education, thoughtful living

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Our supportive forum discussing progressive approaches to education (including home education) and why we need them.
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